As part of VIRT-EU, CIID Research has collaborated with our partners to create actionable tools to encourage reflection among developers on the relationship between technological innovation and societal concerns, to enable a self-assessment of ethical and social impact of the envisioned technologies.

What's CIID Research?

Research at CIID is broadly defined. We aspire to break the boundaries of current thinking in the design and use of people-centered, creative, and advanced technologies. CIID’s research interests are within Data & Ethics, Cultural Contexts, Climate Adaptation and Science & Design. We often work as a bridge within projects to find methods and tangible experience that bring deeply academic or scientific work out into the hands and lives of the public.

Our research is focused on fusing technological potential with a questioning, critical and creative viewpoint. Our aim is to create new thinking, systems and concepts that have a meaningful impact on research, community, education and people.

We believe that in understanding technologies and the contexts of their use, we can facilitate appropriation of future and emergent technologies into everyday lives and cultures. Technologies developed with social, design and artistic emphasis take more full account of our lived experience and the needs, desires and values.

Our research follows a set of continuously revised themes, put into practice through funded research, consortium, experimental projects and technology development initiatives.

We openly invite discussion regarding our existing research projects, new project ideas, collaborations, public events, exhibitions and publications. We are always interested to expand our current and upcoming roster of projects, to discuss please get in touch research@ciid.dk.

VIRT-EU is a H2020 project coordinated by the IT University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with researchers at the London School of Economics, Uppsala University, Politecnico di Torino, the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the Open Rights Group. To read more about the project see here.

Who built this?

CIID Research:

Annelie Berner: PI, concept design and development, copywriting, design direction, content curation & strategy
Monika Seyfried: video-making, concept development, art direction
Raffaella Rovida: strategy & concept development
Peter Kuhberg: concept design & development, software development
Blair Johnsrude: graphic & interactive design, concept design & development, art direction
Calle Nordenskjold: graphic & interactive design, concept design & development, art direction


Irina Shklovski: PI, scientific coordinator, concept development, content curation, strategy, ethics framework, copywriting


Funda Ustek-Spilda: content curation, strategy, ethics framework, copywriting
Alison Powell: PI, ethics framework
Sebastian Lehuede: ethics framework


Javier Ruiz: ethical tools review, questions

Contact Us

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Annelie Berner